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11/30/2003: "November 24nd, 2003"

Home sick. I've been laying on the couch talking to my friend Jeff who's the only professional videographer in our little video club. He was going to come over tonight to record the voice overs for Kite Club (he plays the narrator Jack) but I had to cancel since I'm sick. We did end up having an inspiring conversation though, about things he plans to do to promote his business Alaska Visuals.

He is very motivated, but like me, not always great about organizing his time. But he gave me lots of great ideas on how I can promote my own art business. I hate that there has to be a "business" side to the stuff I create but I have certain financial realities and I want to have my paintings viewed by a larger audience etc. I am looking forward to setting up some short terms goals to work towards in the near future.

It's always nice to have creative types to talk to, to keep you motivated even when you feel like caca. Which reminds me of when my sister and I went to Mexico. She couldn't speak Spanish and i let her buy a t-shirt that looked like the Coca Cola logo, red swirly print, but it really said "Como Caca", or "I Eat Shit". I thought that was hilarious.