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11/30/2003: "November 27nd, 2003"

Just got back from Thanksgiving dinner at my boss's house. It was a lot of fun. One of the English professors from the university brought her son Peter and we had fun debating politics. It's not very often that I'm accused of being a centrist! Anyway, decided against taking the saw, had to give a ride to a couple friends and thought it might be dangerous to travel over icy roads with a big ass saw in the back seat. I did bring my Kite Club to show everyone and it was a big hit.

It looked like a greeting card outside today, everything covered with a fresh blanket of snow. Our local ski resort Eaglecrest opened which is very exciting. My sister Jenny and her husband George might be flying in from Anchorage tomorrow, I'd love to take them inner-tubbing. I love to ski but neither of them are that into it.

Anyway, not much of a log tonight as I'm full of pie and quite sleepy, nighty night. Oh yah, one more thing, I'm going to install the freeware called Greymatter. It is opensource software for weblogs. I have a friend who uses it for his site and it's pretty cool. So someday soon I'll have a real blog like I've always wanted.