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11/30/2003: "Greymatter weblogging software"

So, as promised, I've attempted to add real web log software to my site. The initial installation and configuration was a snap, however, I accidentally deleted the default style sheet in the header template and now I have the ugliness you see below. Sorry for all the Test entries as well. Wasn't aware that there is no easy way to delete entries without deleting and reinstalling cgi files, which is a I'm just going to leave those.

On a personal note, it snowed again today, A LOT, and it was fun staying inside. Took a hot bath last night to ease aching muscles from skiing on Friday, which was a blast as always.

My best intentions to spend the weekend painting did not happen but I don't feel too guilty about that. I spent a lot of time working on my site, adding new galleries etc.

One thing I decided to do that I've never done before it try buying some pre-streched canvases from Dick Blick. They are on sale 40% off and I'm going to just give it a try. I know they won't be as nice as the one's I build, but they'll be less expensive and maybe I will feel less hesitation about being experimental and possibly messing up a painting when I'm not working on a canvas that took 6 hours to build. I just hope the kind I'm ordering have enough tooth to them. There is nothing I hate worse than a smooth plasticy feeling pre-stretched canvas.

Wish me luck. PS. Does anyone have a brand of pre-streched canvas that they could reccommend?