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12/06/2003: "Hidden Alien Productions"

Stayed up WAY too late last night. Started out with Gallery Walk at around 5, with Sun, Jen and Thomas (who is a riot and as it turns out, another artist). He was very critical of the work we saw. Nothing really inspired me either but he was making comments about how much stuff sucked right in front of the artists. I get depressed when I see how many gallery observers make decisions about which shows to check out based on what kind of wine and snacks they're offering.

We ran into some friends afterward at the Hangar, played some pool, etc. but I was home by 9:00pm. The phone was ringing right after I came in and it was my friend David (from Maine). We drank wine and talked on the phone for 5 hours! Not that out of the ordinary for us but I knew I would regret it this morning getting ready for our Sat. shoot for our video club. Particularly since this is my first chance to run the establishing camera, as opposed to logging scenes or holding the boom. I feel so nasty right now, I knew I would and tried to get to bed early... I am so easily corruptible!