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12/14/2003: "Northern Indulgence"

Today I had a ton of stuff to do before I leave town for Christmas on Tuesday and my back is still killing me, and yet I stood (that's right, stood) at my computer for several hours today so I could design a new site for my sister's business Northern Indulgence. I think she's going to love it. The image is one I've been working on for awhile and is actually going to be one of the paintings in my upcoming show titled "under the Devil's club"...which is the name of the plant in the background. You may recognize the image from a photo I took that's linked to in my "Life in Alaska" section...I take a lot of photos of sun shinning through different types of leaves.

I think my work of the upcoming show will be half paintings of tides that I've been working on for awhile this summer, and half will be my female nudes, this time represented as sort of rainforest nymphs. Douglas and Juneau are in a deciduous rain forest and I have lots of ideas like the devil's club one and also one titled "Maiden's hair fren" with a young woman with maiden's hair ferns as flowing down her back like actual hair. My mind is so full of images.

I also finally streamed my movie. For now it's only available for Real Player, and for a broadband connection but when my back gets better I'll recompress it for 256k and 56K. More to come...