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01/10/2004: "Got my first mixed CD!"

I got my first mixed CD on Wednesday. It was a very interesting one, 20 variations of the old bluegrass classic "Shady Grove". There were also four renditions of the Butcher Boy. At first, I thought it was kind of strange to make an entire CD out of essentially the same song, but after listening to it for awhile I found it more and more interesting.

Then, yesterday we had our faculty convocation and one of the sessions we went to was about cultural diversity, specifically Alaska Native. Two students talked to us about their experiences as Alaska Natives at UAS. One spoke a lot about his people's oral traditions and about the importance of storytelling, and how they are passed on from one generation to the next, and how similarities have imerged in different locations but how the messages were consistent.

It made me think of this CD, and how even though it was the same words, the same notes, the variations on a theme were monumental... some were instrumental, the ones with vocals showed a huge range of interprtations. Anyway, it was great!

Tonight I worked a little on the mixed CD I'm making for everyone. I would tell you what songs I'm putting on it but then it wouldn't be a suprise.

What else? I don't think the room rental situation is going to go anywhere. I had a guy come over last night who was interested in moving in, but he got a better offer. Still, he seems like he'd be a fun person to get to know so I invited him to a party I plan to host in a couple of weeks. I've invited quite a few people...I always do that and then panic and wish I hadn't. Still, it was one of my New Year's Resolutions, to be more social and to hold a party within a couple months. Plus, it's the beginning of the semester so hopefully everyone won't be too bogged down with work.

I also decided to invite people I don't really know that well. My parties usually have the same people all the time. I figure this could either be a chance to get to know some people I've always admired from afar, or it could be a disaster. Anyway, I've already invited everyone so it's out of my hands now.

I even invited the near miss roommate! Wait, I already said that. I guess I'm a little buzzed.

Tomorrow I volunteered to do stage painting again for Perserverance Theater. I'm going to invite some of those theater folks over as well. I've probably invited way too many people but that way if half of them don't come I don't look like a loser with no friends.

OK, I'm just rambling now.

Oh yah, and since I have the whole gallery for the month of July, I'm considering asking the gallery owner if I can display some sculptures as well as the paintings. I've got something i'm cooking up on that front but it's a secret.

Damn, can I just make one comment... I'm drinking a 2000 Blackstone merlot and it's about the best damn wine I can remember drinking in a long long time. It goes well with the muscle relaxants I'm taking for my back.

Also, went out earlier to the Hanger with Jen, Seon, and Thomas. I had a very strong Cosmo. I'll probably have a raging headache tomorrow. se la vie.

On a different note, I'm very disappointed in Dick Blicks shipping by the way. I ordered my canvases on Dec. 30th and it's already the 10 and still nothing. Maybe it only seems like a long time because I'm dying to get cracking.

Crack crack crack