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02/11/2004: "Editing and Yoga Balls"

Tonight I spent several hours working on mock-ups of the painting I was commisioned to do. In PhotoShop I changed the color combos and also added and subtracted elements from the original painting that she wanted done. It was kind of fun but not that easy to try and get mock-ups in PhotoShop to look even remotely similar to what I know the finished painting will look like.

Sitting in my crappy wooden folding chair for hours did a number on my back again. That sucks because it was just starting to get better and I originally hurt it from sitting in this same damn chair all day working on the code to get this blogging software working. I wish I could afford to buy a nice office chair but I really can't.

I was streching out on my yoga ball to see if I could work the kinks out and looking at my other paintings upside down was kind of interesting. I noticed that one painting is too top heavy. The colors on the top of the painting are much darker than on the lower. I knew something wasn't working in the painting but I couldn't put my finger on it. I think that's what it is. It gave me an idea, to bring photos of the paintings I'm currently working on into Photoshop and turn them upside down to get a different perspective on them.

I finished another couple of CDs last night too, I got those in the mail today which is cool. I'm almost all caught up with making mixes for the people I've received them from so far. Tomorrow I get to sleep in so tonight I still have time to start some actual painting. I need to get better ventilation though, the liquin I use as an extender and to speed drying time, is REALLY stinky and sort of makes me feel high.
(but not in a good way).