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02/16/2004: "the Blink is back!"

Hey, I found my little blink II camera the other day. I lost it shortly after it arrived and had given up hope of finding it again. It was under the driver's side seat of my tracker. It was covered with condensation, it had been freezing cold for two weeks, it didn't work at first and I thought for sure it had bit the dust. I let it dry out and got it a new battery and it's back, good as new. My sis kelly and I are going to try using them as web cams to talk to eachother. Here are a few pics I took as soon as I got it working again.

library (30k image)
The library where I work at the University of Alaska Southeast.

outside_night (26k image)
It's getting lighter everyday but it's still dark outside when I leave work at 5:30pm.

osiris_2 (26k image)
Osiris's head, he's such a curious kitty.

kitchen_utinsels (28k image)
My kitchen utinsils and herb rack. (exciting, I know).

yellow_teapot (27k image)
My yellow tea pot is one of my very favorite things. I'm painting my upstairs bathroom to match it.

wine (31k image)
My messy counter top covered with half empty wine bottles and glasses.

These photos aren't that exciting but I still love having this little camera because I feel like I don't really have to take interesting pictures...if they're boring, so what?

By the way, I did start painting Sat. night (finally), and ended up nearly finishing two new painting by late Sunday night. Not bad eh?