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02/17/2004: "A Cool Surprise"

Today I got a package from another artist friend I met through writing this blog. She works in a place where she was able to get me this very cool memento of my childhood hero BORIS BECKER! I still have a crush on him and getting this is the mail was so amazing.

I like keeping this blog/journal as a way of commenting on things I read, and on ideas for art related activities and such, but so far the best part of it has been the interesting people I've met. I highly recommend starting one for anyone who doesn't have one yet. It can give you the same kind of rush as when you come home from work and see a box from Amazon sitting on your porch and you don't know what's in it. Everyday is a potential surprise waiting to happen, whether it's an encouraging comment in the blog, an email from a like minded person, or a stranger taking time out to make you a mix of their favorite music.

One thing is for sure though, it adds a little bit of excitment to the day.