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02/21/2004: "Framing"

Normally I don't frame, as I build my own canvases with 2 1/4 " wide sides that I paint black. For my next show I decided to try and frame the pieces. I'm using Dick Blick's wooden pre-made gallery frames in black. I wanted to see if my canvases were going to fit in them, as with the thinner stretcher bars I'm afraid there is a tiny amount of warping, but with such a tight fit in the frames, even a tiny bit can mean that the painting won't fit in the frame.

I was able to get all of them in their frames so far, although two of them were a really really tight fit. here is an example of what two of my new works in progress look like in the black frames.

on_walls (29k image)

I spent all afternoon trying to learn how to do pay layout using CSS. I'm afraid it's more difficult than I thought it would be. My site needs to be totally redesigned but it's going to be a fairly big project. in the short term, I increased the size of my thumbnail images in my first two galleries because at the tiny size I had them originally, the lines were looking all wonky. They look much better at a larger size.

By the way, the above photo of the frames was taken with my little Blink II spy cam so the quality is pretty low, but just to give you an idea.

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on Monday, February 23rd, steve said

If you upgrade to the latest version of greymatter you'll find it's in XHTML, and the layout is CSS.

on Monday, February 23rd, Elise said

I think I have the latest version of greymatter; I'm not talking about CSS for this Blog (which uses
CSS) I'm talking about learning how to use it for the rest of my site- which is a disaster.

I've been checking out the CSS Zen Garden which has some tutorials and other info but it's just not as easy as I thought it would be.

But thanks anyway.