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03/06/2004: "Fun with Green Screens"

This morning we had another shoot for "Hidden Alien Productions". This was our first film using a green screen. I had no idea how cool it could be. We borrowed a green screen from a local middle school and one of our group members actually captured video onto his computer as we filmed the scene using a different camera. Next he quickly edited it in Premiere so we could see what the scene would look like superimposed over another image. He just downloaded various jpg images to give us an idea of how it could look, but you can shoot video etc. onto it as well in post.

All you need is a large green backdrop. I was thinking it would be easy to create my own with a king size white cotton sheet and some rit dye. Just for practicing. I suggested we all shoot some scenes while we had the green screen up, someone pretend skiing, somone pretend flying etc. so we could have a clip library of shots we could add things to in post.

I had to leave before we finished so I could meet my friend Seon up at Eagle Crest to go skiing but them when I got up there she felt uncomfortable going skiing because the weather was bad and the visibility was very low. Oh well, we might try to go again tomorrow. Still, it bummed me out that I had to quit the shoot early (I was operating the main camera) and then it ended up being for nothing.

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on Monday, March 8th, Martin said

So there is nothing special about a green screen beyond it being the color green? Is it any color green or a specific shade? Where in Premiere do you go to work with green screens? Any info would help, I'm really interested in trying this out myself.