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03/11/2004: "A Photo Blog Entry/Condolences for Madrid"

It's Spring Break at the university where I'm a librarian and where I teach library and information science courses so I'm taking a few days off. The weather has been feeling particularly spring like so I went for a walk around my neighborhood late afternoon and snapped a few photos with my stealthy Blink II.

douglas_cafe2 (32k image)
Started off my walk by getting a cup of coffee to go at the Douglas Cafe which is right across the street from my house. I hope to use it as a location for my next movie project, for which I'm currently working on the screen play.

louis (39k image)
This is of the Douglas Inn but it's known to locals as "Louie's Bar", (even though Pat owns it now). He plows my drive for me whenever we get a big snow for which I bake him cookies for which he gives me and my friends free tequila shots. This photo was taken from right outside the Douglas Cafe. If you look in the background, right above the fire hydrant, the black tracker is mine and it's parked in my driveway (i.e. yard).

floats (53k image)
I've mentioned before that everyone here has boats. This house is a block down from mine, I actually kind of like the buoys and fishing nets in people's yards. I think it adds "local color".

city_fire_pump (35k image)
This is the city fire pump! Douglas has burned down to the ground twice.

store_front (38k image)
This is a storefront next to the fire pump. I'm not sure what they sell; it looked mostly like junk through the window.

outer_point (46k image)
Behind Tanner's, the boat chandler's shop where I had my outboard worked on last summer, I found this sign which I recognized from Outer Point Beach, which is on the other side of the Island. I noticed the last time I was there that the sign was missing...hmmm...a mystery.

moorage (47k image)
Walking down to the Douglas Harbor to check on my boat I was shocked to see that the moorage had arrived for the new harbor addition. They must have put them in really fast because they weren't here a couple weeks ago.

douglas_harbor (41k image)
This is the old Douglas Harbor, right next to where they added the new, slick looking addition. My boat is in the old part of the harbor, which I think is much nicer. On the way down to the slips I met the cutest fisherman from the seiner "Shelter". He had a cold and was sneezing all over the place. It was actually charming. I loved his orange weather gear and black stocking cap. I wanted to ask him if I could take his photo but I chickened out.

rozinante (33k image)
Here is my Rozinante in all her winter, bird shit, mussel shells, and mossy glory...I'm actually looking forward to coming down someday soon and giving her a good sprugging up. I'm going to try and wait one more season before painting on more bottom coat as I have no $$$.

lines (46k image)
My harbor angel was here again. I appreciate having my lines tightened but what a messy storm hitch.

vans (24k image)
Speaking of storms, right after I got down to Roz, clouds started to roll in.

storm (17k image)
I looked up towards the Douglas mountains and I could see heavy hail coming down, which is unusual. It was coming down hard, only a half block away. I walked perpendicular to it until I got home. It caught up with me right as I started walking up my drive.

I came home and flipped on CNN to catch the evening news and saw the story about what happened in Madrid today. I couldn't believe it. Out on my walk through my tiny little neighborhood the world seemed so safe and peaceful. I live in such a geographically isolated place; I sometimes forget how bad it's getting out there. And, right now two of my good friends are in Madrid and I haven't heard from them yet. I went online to read some news coverage and got chills when I read a certain sentence from an associated press article "Cell phones rang unanswered on the bodies of the dead as frantic relatives tried to call them."

I love Spain and Spainards so much; my heart is breaking for their whole country, and for the world right now.

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on Monday, September 20th, lorna said

Thank you for introducing me to your neighbourhood. It looks wonderfully wild and exciting - it is so good to see some "real" rather than manipulated shots of distant locations.