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03/16/2004: "Suicide Pact -- You First"

God Kicks - Therapy?

"God kicks with both feet
God kicks with both feet
God kicks with both feet
and keeps his shoes clean"

This morning I looked out my bedroom window to see it had snowed several inches during the night. All the nasty things that had been slowly revealing themselves through the melting ice, were neatly covered again; the world restored - for awhile.

Think I'll be signing off now.

Goodnight. (for reals now)

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on Wednesday, March 17th,">Jackie said

:crazy: Not that you were speaking of books at all...but have you read "The Girl With A Pearl Earring" ? I know the film is out - but I always like to read the book first, if I can. I think this would fit right in with your study of the Masters' painting styles. :D

on Wednesday, March 17th, Elise said

Thanks Jackie,
Actually, I really do want to see that movie, as it has my new favorite actor Cillian Murphy in it (I think just a small role but...) and also because ironically, the Vermeer angle. But it came to my town for only one weekend and I missed it.

I guess I didn't realize (shame on me) that it was also a book. Makes sense, I'll have to read it. What a great idea. Thanks.