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03/18/2004: "Disco Pigs"

Got home tonight and the DVD Disco Pigs was in my mailbox (thankyou ebay). I really have no money, couldn't even buy groceries this week and I'm nearly out of gas yet I can't resist buying movies and music and art supplies. I think of it as health insurance. Anyway, if you want to know what I thought of the film you can read what I wrote about it in my movie review section. I call it a movie review section but basically it's just me running off about whatever kinds of associations I have with the film, the musical score, the actors, whatever. Not like a real official sounding review and there are probably spoilers so, be warned.

I watched the DVDs extra features, and an interview with the director Kirsten Sheridan and she made some comment about the film not being depressing and I just felt like "what film are you talking about?" because I just want to curl up in a little ball on the couch and rock myself to sleep.

I have to be careful too. I'm like this emotional sponge; I let things affect me too much. Anything has the potential of tipping my scales off kilter: Music, smells, photographs, paintings, and yes, films...for me the normal stimuli of day to day life is like a big mine field waiting for me to lose my footing. And I am not clever enough to keep myself from going there.