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03/21/2004: "Anti-consumerist Day 1 (no shakes yet)"

I went out to Fred Myers today to pick up a prescription and found out the Pharmacy didn't open for another hour. So, I went and got a shopping cart to do as I normally do in such situations, walk around looking at stuff, doing a little shopping.

But then I remembered my pledge from yesterday and realized that might not be such a hot way to start off so instead I drove out to the Wetlands trail. It was so amazing out there...beautiful blue skies, a wonderful view of the Mendenhall Glacier; it was warmer than usual but you could see it was really windy up on the peaks because the snow whirling around made it look like they were smoking.

I walked along the stream which reminded me a lot of Nebraska, the smell of it really, clay and wet straw. The grass was all dead and twisty in little bundles that looked brilliant in the sun. I kept thinking about how much I used to love riding horses along the Elkhorn river with my very best friend growing up, Micheala Gallagher. It was so quiet out there too. Then a float plane buzzed right over my head on the way into the water runway at the airport. It was literally right above my head, very cool.

Then I saw a little wet minx (I think it was a minx, though it could have been a baby otter) on the shore of the stream. I've never seen one before, it was adorable. When I got back to my truck, I had such a positive feeling. Being outside is important to me; I need to do it more, even on the days that are sunny and bright.

I was considering getting a membership at the gym, I had gone out there earlier today to pay up and everything, but the membership person wasn't there. Now I'm glad I didn't do it. Who wants to pay a lot of money to stay inside a bunch more, especially when you live somewhere like Alaska where the Great Outdoors are literally just outside the door.

Tomorrow I'm calling to cancel my cable TV and Internet modem. I'll go from having 20 stations to having two. (NBC and Public). I don't mind though, it will reinforce the need to get out more...or at least cause me to be more productive when I'm home.

Now I'm trying to get ready for a workshop I'm presenting at a statewide conference for librarians in Fairbanks Alaska next weekend. I'm realizing now I should have started this a long time ago. Well, better get some more coffee brewing, and then, back to it.

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on Tuesday, March 23rd, Steve said

I can see giving up the cable TV (not really but) I don't understand how you could give up your Internet. Won't this affect your blogging etc.? Will you continue or is this part of what you're giving up as well? I hope not.