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04/10/2004: "Coffee and more Cillian Murphy"

I met one of my oldest friends in town today, someone I've known since my Anchorage days. We got coffee down at the Heritage Cafe and took them down to the boardwalk to Marine Park to drink. It is always good to be able to talk with Julie as she knows me really well and when other people who haven't known me as long have been making me feel kind of down lately, Julie is great for pumping me back up again.

Then I spent this afternoon working on a new painting that will be titled "Taku Winds" (another favorite topic of mine) that is more like my regular work, and is of a woman standing in the wind with her hair blowing in stylized ringletts and leaves blowing about. I'm not sure if I like the leaves or not. I got inspired to add them from the opening scene of On the Edge when the Jonathan character comes out of the church and there are leaves blowing lin a little whirlwind around him.

I also did another sketch of Cillian Murphy, from the same film. I then used PhotoShop and put it through a combo "cut out" and "dry brush" filter. I'm not sure if I prefer it that way, more abstract, or if I prefer the original drawing. In this one (from On the Edge) he's looking down in disgust after a girl he likes cuts herself while they're making out.

Cillian Murphy with Dry Brush (24k image)

Without Dry Brush