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04/10/2004: "Another Cillian Murphy Drawing"

I like this one, I might turn it into a painting tomorrow.

drawing of Cillian Murphy kissing Tricia Vessey in the movie On the Edge

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on Monday, April 12th,">Meg said

It's interesting that your drawings seem a lot different from your paintings. At least the ones you've been posting lately. I like all the color and stylization of your female nudes, but these drawings etc. have a nice feel to them as well.

on Tuesday, April 13th,">Elise said

Thanks, I think I've been doing the same subject matter for so many years that I started feeling a little trapped in the "theme show" world that is the modor exhibit experience.

With these drawings I feel free to try something new, colors, etc. which has been a lot of fun for me. Particularly since it's been years since I've drawn anything.