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04/11/2004: "Ah Screw it!"

I had the best intentions of doing my taxes this weekend but all of a sudden it's Sunday night at 10pm and and I'm no closer to getting them done. I guess I'll just have to file an extention and fork out the dough to have a professional do it. I hate paying for things I can probably figure out on my own but maybe it's OK just this once.

I did have a particularly enjoyable weekend though, non-stop painting and drawing except for a couple of fun outings with friends, including an Easter brunch at my friends Alexis and Brett's house. After eating some amazingly good food we walked on the sunny beach and finally spread some flower seeds as a sort of Wiccan ritual to bring in the Spring.

When I got home I opened every window in my house because it was finally warm enough to do that. I had two crocuses bloom in my yard and the tulips are right behind them.

This afternoon I did a couple more sketches of Cillian Murphy. I am enjoying drawing a lot. I haven't drawn regularly in years. A friend Beatrice started taking drawing classes at the university and she has sort of inspired me to take it up again. It's a nice break from painting and good practice in general. I never intended to do so many drawings of Cillian Murphy but inspiration comes in unexpected places and if something, anything, makes you want to work, then that's a good thing, no?

The drawing below is also from On the Edge, he has just left the room of the girl he's falling in love with and has this sort of happy dreamy expression on his face. Falling in love is just like that.

cillian_murphy_wistful_med (25k image)

cillian_murphy_kneck_thumb (22k image)
This one is from 28 Days Later when Jonathan Says "you stole my thought"...
"that's alright, you can keep it".

Replies: 3 Comments

on Monday, April 12th,">Marianne said

Whoa mamma, that guy has some serious lips. I can see why you like to draw him.

As for doing taxes, HIRE SOMEONE! I tried to do them myself and when I had an accountant check it for me I ended up getting an extra 500 bucks even after her cut.

on Tuesday, April 13th,">Elise said

Yes, that seems to be the consensus, I'm just stubborn...but I made the call today to file for an extension.


on Tuesday, April 13th, Marianne said

You won't regret it.