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04/12/2004: "Another Drawing of Cillian Murphy from 28 Days Later"

This is another drawing I did of the two main characters from 28 Days Later sleeping by a campfire. I think what I like about this movie is the lighting. Because it's post apocalyptic, all of the lighting is done by candles or campfire etc. which makes for dramatic shadows.

The version on the left is the first try, a co-worker told me she thought they were standing, not sleeping, and that there was a tree and that the sleeve of the arm lying next to the woman's face looked like a bad attempt at I made a few minor changes to try and fix those problems. I hope it worked.

Cillian Murphy as Jim in 28 Days Later sleeping next to selena by a campfire (31k image) cillian_murphy_sleeping_med2 (24k image)

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on Wednesday, April 14th, Kelly said

I think the changes you made are subtle but an improvement. The first time I saw rendition number 1. I thought they were standing too. It's easier to see they are lying down now.