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04/15/2004: "Help with Mailing List of Next Exhibit"

I'm trying to put together a mailing list for my next show which isn't for another two months but I want to get an early start on it because I'm going to be really busy this summer. Normally, I rely on the gallery's mailing list, only the place where I'm having my show is new and I'm not sure how much of a mailing list they already have.

Does anyone have suggestions on how I can get a list of addresses of people from my area who like to attend art openings? Do you think it would be appropriate to ask one of the other galleries in town if I could use theirs? Or is that taboo? other ideas?

Also, if anyone wants me to send them a postcard invitation, just email me with your address and I'll add you to my current mailing list, even if you're not from Alaska. I love getting invitations to shows too by the way, so if anyone wants to add me to their mailing list, that would be very cool.

Anyone getting ready to have a show? I'd LOVE to just see what your invitations look like. I always have such a difficult time designing mine and I have a lot of questions, like, what's the best software to use for the layout? Where's a good place to get them printed up? I've gone with a local company for years now but they consistently do a terrible job of it. I think I'm ready for a change.

So, basically any advice about invitations or mailing lists would be most appreciated.

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on Friday, April 16th,">Jackie Madsen said

E: Check out
for your invites. Here in Seattle, they are a popular resource. YOu can get 500 postcards for $99!
As for mailing lists: It probably wouldn't be proper etiquette to ask other galleries for their mailing lists. But do use the gallery where your show will be, add all your past and current contacts - patrons, friends, relatives, & co-workers to it, and then ask local businesses (and your workplace) if you can leave a stack of postcards there. You'll get alot more folks show up that way. And make sure you have a book at your upcoming show for people to sign up to be on your mailing list!
I'll e-m you later with my address - I'd love to see your invites.

on Friday, April 16th,">Elise said

Great suggestions Jackie, thanks. As for other galleries, I wasn't thinking commercial galleries, but maybe the city museum or the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council Gallery, both places where I've had shows in the past. They're non-profits, I should have made a copy of their mailing lists when I had them...stupid stupid me!

And thanks for the name of the printers to try, I will give them a shot. 500 for 99 bucks is a steal. I haven't started on the invites yet but when I start working on them maybe I can show you for some feedback?

on Tuesday, April 20th,">Elise said

Hi Jackie- checked out the adgprinting and they look fantastic. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I've ordered the package of samples but from what I've seen on their website I think I'm going to go through them for sure.