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04/19/2004: "Studio Organization"

Since I took today off from work to paint, I decided I could spend some time getting better organized. I bought some of those little plastic twisty things you put on the end of tubes of paint so you can squeeze out every little drop, I put them on all my half used tubes and got them all snugged up.

Then I seperated all the oil colors into seperate containers based on if they're hot, cool, or neutral. I also seperated out different types of brushes and pallet knives, and got a plastic container that I put dish soap in the bottom so I can stick brushes in there and when I'm done and not in the kitchen sink. I also got the new fan in the window, which took about 5 seconds. Now my space is much more organized and I feel ready to start actually painting again.

bird (21k image) bird1 (21k image) bird2 (21k image)
Osiris hunting window seal finches.

organization (31k image)

organization2 (28k image)

The only problem I haven't figured out yet is what to do with my pallet when I'm not actively painting. I usually paint, eat a snack, paint, go for a walk, paint, change the music, paint, take a nap, paint, clip my toe nails, etc. However, I have two cats, one of whom loves to get into everything he can. He loves to jump on the little table where I keep my pallet, and I can't tell you how difficult it is to get Prussian blue out of white carpet! I need to find a way that I can leave my pallet out without my cat getting into it. Any suggestions?

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on Tuesday, April 20th, leahpeah said

stick the palette in the fridge. it will keep for days if you want.

on Tuesday, April 20th, Elise said

That works for oil paints? I don't need to cover it or anything? Does it emit any harmful fumes that could contaminate my food? Sounds interesting anyway.