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05/03/2004: "Another package in the mail!"

Geez, I'm going to get spoiled here if I keep getting awesome packages in the mail. Tonight I got one from Alexandria Virginia, my good friend Don Ball who was a grad student in creative writing back when we hung out in Anchorage and now is the Publications Manager for the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington DC! He sent me a book he worked on called "NEA Jazz Masters: America's Highest Honor in Jazz." which looks really interesting and has a lot of excellent photographs. He also sent TWO more CDs as part of the Make Elise a Mixed CD project. I started that back in Jan. and I still get some trickling in all these months later. It's so exciting too, to get something unexpectedly like open the mailbox to see a package crammed in there amongst all the junk mail and bills. It's also fun because many of my writer friends are starting to get things published lately and every once in awhile I'll get one of their books in the mail.

I've just put the first CD in to listen to, very exciting. Don had a radio show in Anchorage and had a huge record collection of jazz and blues music so it should be really good. THANKS DON! I will be sending him two CDs as well (per the stipulation of the whole CD project), I'm going to get started on it right after I finish making a couple more CDs for Thomas in London who is getting ready to go to New Zealand for a month and needs some good traveling tunes. Thomas sent me THREE CDs and I only ever sent him one so I still owe him. Hey, better late than never. It's not too late for anyone else who still wants in on this either...just send me a mix of whatever you're listening to these days, something that says something about where you're at and how you're feeling at the moment...and I'll do the same. I'm actually listening to really different music now than I was back in Jan. when I started this. Anyway, music is the best...the BEST! Me so happy. I'll try to get Thomas and Don's CDs finished by Friday.

oh, I already love this mix, and best of all, I don't recognize any of these songs. I'm feeling inspired, I think I'll paint for's sunny outside, the windows are open, I'm having an Alaskan Amber, ahhh, this is the life!

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on Tuesday, May 4th, Sammy said

OH oh, I want a mixed CD. I don't know how to burn them though, I think my computer can burn CDs, how can I find out?