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05/04/2004: "Poem generator"

I made this poem using a poem generator, but I kind of like it.

Masts fall
Life is a cold wave
Never desire a cloud

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on Tuesday, May 4th, Derek an artist as well said

hi just dropped by looking at BLOGS. Saw yours, cool, your an I am to.
heres my BLOG:
let me know if we might be able to comunicate?
I live in santa monica california...use to live in Fairbanks. :)

on Tuesday, May 4th, Dio said

That's very smart and evocative. :) The best bit of poetry I ever wrote sits on our fridge made from poetical word magnets!

You can give the Random Dylan Thomas Poem Generator a go - its fun but doesn't give you as any ability to influence it like that one...

on Tuesday, May 4th,">Elise said

Oh, the Dylan Thomas poetry generator is addictive. Here's the one I made there.

For shamed bones speak
Falling while they kiss
Finally into the thin blush

Scrubbing while the grassgreen bottle
On the playful tides hazily
Goes to live against the torrential night.

and Derek, formerly of Fairbanks and an artist, like me... sure, let's communicate!