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Home » Archives » May 2004 » Pet Peeve #3 - Cashiers Who Insist on Making Small Talk

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05/10/2004: "Pet Peeve #3 - Cashiers Who Insist on Making Small Talk"

Well, yesterday was mother's day and I was feeling a bit weepy, as usual, since my mom died around 10 years ago, at a very young age. There is this creepy guy who works at the Fred Myers store here in Juneau and I always try to avoid his line but yesterday it was unavoidable. I had to buy a plunger...and he started making a bunch of humiliating comments about me having a backed-up toillet, then he started asking me what I was going to do for my mom for mother's day and it just pissed me off so much. It's bad enough all the damn commercials and everything else but this bastard too? In my mind I said "shut the fuck up you insensitive mouth breather!" but I ended up just ignoring him.

Anyway, I came home and started going through some of my old photographs of my mom who really was the most amazing woman ever. She had such a gorgeous voice; also, she was absolutely beautiful. Here are a couple of my favorite photos of her. The first from her 25th birthday and the second, getting ready for a stock car race!

mom_25 (33k image) mom_stock_car (46k image)
Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!! I love you.