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05/10/2004: "Free From TV DAY!..."

I have this "no blogging from work" policy that I strictly adhere to (except for the occasional lunch hour post) but today is my day off so I'm going to post away! I just checked the mail and got YET ANOTHER package in the mail today. I am giddy with package lust. It was from two of my favorite people in the universe, Jenni and Sean in Baltimore. They sent THREE mixed CDs for my mixed CD Project as well as a DVD called "The Office" which they said reminded them of me and that they think I'll really like. Plus a wonderful letter from Jenni, whom I adore. Wow, what is it about getting a letter in the mail that puts email to shame? Is it the little cross out, the thoughts taken back, the spelling not perfected with spell check? Whatever it is, it's intimate, and makes me feel much closer to her. Sean probably (although I don't know for sure) make the mixed CDs. He has by far the most impressive (pre-ipod) collection of music I've ever seen and has a real knack for making mixes. Some of the best mixes I've ever listened to were the ones he put together for the dance at his wedding.

It has inspired me to take a Free From TV day, and only listen to music, and the birds singing.

Oh yah, I got a nice email from my grandma today (my mom's mom). She said that she and grandpa are putting in a garden this year, which is fantastic news. She also tattled on my dad, who got picked up speeding in a construction zone. I can't wait to give him hell for it!

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on Tuesday, May 11th, Steve B. said

I swear, you get more packages than anyone I know. I'm going to have to steal your idea and see if I can get anyone to send me stuff too.