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05/17/2004: "Oh *%$!!@!"

I took this photo out of my livingroom window. I came home tonight and they had dug this huge hole almost directly in front of my house and now I have no running water. I'm already dangerously low on clean clothes, not to mention the shower factor. If they don't fix whatever it is they're working on soon it's going to get ugly fast.

construction (40k image)

When I saw it I had a flash back to something that totally freaked me out when I was a little kid. My grandparents' next door neighbors were digging a well in their backyard. I guess they had quit drilling for the day and there was this big hole, really deep, and the edges of the hole were kind of crumbling and caving into the hole, making it grow wider. They had a teenage son and he told me that the same thing was going to happen everywhere, that the hole would keep getting bigger and bigger and eventually everything would fall into it. I was so damn afraid, I remember we went back to my house and I was looking out the living room window at our swing set, waiting to see if it was going to cave into a big hole.

A couple years after that is when a babysitter let us watch the made for TV movie Earthquake. I think that was probably the start of my obsession with natural disasters. And now, ironically I live in Alaska, essentially on the ring of fire, right near a fault line with frequent earthquakes, sunamis, and volcanic erruptions.

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on Tuesday, May 18th, Steve said

You forgot avalanches.

on Tuesday, May 18th,">Elise said

Ah yes, avalanches. We do get a lot of them. Right after I moved to Juneau I was visiting a friend in Anchorage, we were flipping stations and my friend stopped on a national geographic type program about avalanches.

Moments later, they show video of this HUGE avalanche that looks like it took out the whole town.

Rick said, gee, that looked a little like Juneau. And it WAS Juneau. I have friends in town who bought a new house right on an avalanche path. We don't have many on Douglas Island but they have a gun that shoots off hollwitzers from Douglas to set off controled avalanches all the time. Sometimes Thane road gets completely shut down for days at a time. scary stuff.