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05/22/2004: "More Facepainting Practice"

I took on a more challenging design tonight, and while I think it turned out really nice, it took me way too long. I wonder if it would be easier to do it on another person, than trying to do it on myself, while holding a mirror. I learned a little more about when to use the fat and when to use the thin brushes too. It was a lot of fun but after probably 45 minutes of work, I couldn't get my Blink II camera to work. I'd push down on the button but nothing would happen, so I had to pry off the cheap plastic button and stick my finger down inside the camera to take a photo. But still, I was really bummed that I might not be able to take a picture of this design after so much work.

facepainting4 (33k image) facepainting_side2 (24k image)

OK, I just want to acknowledge that I look like I have *crazy eyes* in the profile picture, I think it's just the light.

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on Tuesday, May 25th, Dio said

Very superhero like! Blimey, its a work of art in its own right - If the camera hadn't worked, could you have pressed your face into a sheet of paper? Maybe there's a new art form waiting to happen! :)

on Tuesday, May 25th,">Elise said

I had considered going across the street to the mom and pop store to buy a disposable camera but I was kind of embarassed about the face paint.

I could just hear myself trying to explain how really I don't sit at home alone at night painting my own frace for fun, that I'm trying to teach myself so I can do it as a volunteer project, blah blah blah. Douglas is such a little town and I know the people that work there and they already think I'm strange enough so it's a good thing I got the Blink working.

I think you should give facepainting a try. It's like painting on canvas, only it's skin instead. I bet Elis would LOVE it, you could paint all the kiddies faces as his next birthday party. I'm sure you'd be a hit. Of course, you could paint things like pinheads and guilotines...

on Tuesday, May 25th, Dio said

Haha - I would let me in 10 yards of a face painting set and little children - I'd go to town and probably end getting complaints off the parents... :crazy:

on Tuesday, May 25th,">Elise said

Well, screw em if that can't take a joke eh! I think you should do it, I didn't think I'd have as much fun with it as I've been having...I'd like to do some funky original designs too...make a little photo album so the kids can choose.

Ideally I'll have some kids pictures in there and not all of the scary old facepainter lady.