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06/10/2004: "Finding the Sweet Spot!"

Last night I finished the painting ďGroundedĒ. It was one of those nights of painting where everything was just falling into place and I felt somewhat giddy when I was finished. I had to sit down on the way to bed, so that I could stare at it for a good long while. I know that sounds vain, but painting is exciting to me, and sometimes I feel amazed, like ďgee, I canít believe I did that!Ē Do other people feel that way too? Like you canít drag yourself away from it when youíve finished?

Those moments may be few and far between but last night I had one of them and it was oh so sweet. Times like that I realize that I am really and truly doing this to please myself first and foremost. I know that if someone came over to my house tonight and saw that painting and said that it wasnít strong, or didnít like it etc. it wouldnít change my opinion on it at all. I love the way it turned out. I feel happy and deeply satisfied when I look at it. And really, not much has changed from the version in the works in progress gallery. I added some darker and lighter tones to the figure basically, and worked on the details of her face and hands. I did nothing to the background at all and yet a voice in my head went STOP, ITíS FINISHED! And I stood back and saw that it was. I donít have that experience with every painting that I decide to stop working on.

My first thought was to photograph it and upload it to my blog, but then I remembered that my computer is dead and so, no photos for awhile. I opened up my computer last night and there was a loose connection between the power supply and one of the drivers. I reconnected it all excited that Iíd solved the problem, but it still wonít power up. A friend is coming by this weekend to run a diagnostic on it and Iím still keeping my fingers crossed that itís the power supply. I have to tell myself that maybe itís a good thing that itís not working while my family is in town. After all, they are coming to see me, and to hang out and hike and play games and not to be anti-social sitting on a computer for hours on end.

My house is still not ready for them yet and it stinks that I have such a good painting vibe going on because Iím going to try and finish ďunfoldingĒ tonight which means certain house cleaning chores will go another day not getting finished and my sister Kelly is already arrive tomorrow. My dad, and sisters Traci, Diane, and Jenny, wonít be arriving until Sat. morning so maybe Kelly will help me clean. I just donít want to quit painting while Iím on a hot streak. I have 6 paintings that need work before theyíre finished, which means only four that are finished (grounded, forget me nots, fiddlehead ferns, fireweed). Still havenít had time to reshoot photos of my work in order to redesign my invitations and Iím starting to think maybe Iíll have to email virtual invitations, or print out invitational business cards instead of postcards. Grrrr.

Plus, the weather has been great and Iíve had to cancel on my sailing partner twice this week. Well, if thatís the worst of my problems I guess Iím pretty damn lucky.

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on Thursday, June 10th, Howard said

It's great when things click like that. I've had moments like that myself.
Can't wait to see some pictures of it.

on Friday, June 11th, Dio said

Yeah - I always admire my own work - that's what I do it for! I know the hazwed out oil vapour induced state you mean - its great to feel finished.

on Friday, June 11th,">Jackie said

E: I definitely know what you mean. I like to keep my new pieces for a while, and hang them on my walls. When you're in the act of creating, you see the details, but not the whole piece. When you can stand back and look at it, see it every day, in all different lights and different moods, you really feel the piece. Sometimes I get so attached, I decide not to sell the piece, but I do show it of course. I think that's the other big pleasure part of making art...the first being the act of creating. You go, girl!

on Saturday, June 12th, atheist_uberboy said

hey again, i'm sorry i haven't gotten back to you but, stuff in my life now is not good. I don't know what i'm

yeah sorry i'm messed up a little now

on Sunday, June 13th,">Elise said

I had a feeling I wasn't alone in that. I still like it even after my oil vapour induced state...

Hey uberboy, sorry to hear thing with you are bad, hope things turn around soon, let me know, ok?