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06/14/2004: "My sister Kelly and a new painting"

I took this photo this morning of my sister Kelly sitting next to a new painting I did of a woman and her cat sleeping in a field of lupine. She doesn't like it because she says she looks like a little old lady in the lime green sweater I gave her. Oh well, at leaste you can see the new painting.

kelly (45k image)

cat_thumb (37k image) fireweed-thumb (37k image)

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on Monday, June 14th, John said

The new painting looks great! Is this just a better quality pic of the fireweed painting or did you do something to it since you photographed it for your work in progress gallery? Either way it looks great too. It's good to see another artist's space is as cluttered as mine, strangely one of the first things I noticed in the background was the pair of grommet pliers, and the two pairs of scissors. Are those bowls on the tray tables filled with tubes of paint?

on Monday, June 14th,">Elise said

Hi John,
yes, I added some more color and darkened the tonal values of the fireweed painting...and yes, my workspace is pretty cluttered, but well organized too, at leaste I know where everything is.

Those are tubes of paint in the bowls. Here are a couple blog entries of my studio from earlier this summer...

Studio Organization and
Beautiful day in the studio

on Tuesday, June 15th, Howard said

So is the fireweed painting finished now?
It's one of my favorites.

on Tuesday, June 15th, RR said

Love the envious of the studio - I want one! Maybe once I grow up :-)

on Tuesday, June 15th,">Elise said

Yes, I think the Fireweed painting is pretty much finished. I used it for my invitations. I didn't have the same program to redesign them so I had to make them in Word, which was a real pain.

As for my studio, it is in my house, which I really like because when I used to have a studio in a different location, it was really hard to get motivated to go there and I was always making excuses with myself. Now that the studio is in my house, I have all the comforts of home and I can't paint as much or as little as I feel like.

on Tuesday, June 15th,">Elise said

I should ask you Howard, if *you* think the fireweed painting is finished? Any suggestions?

on Tuesday, June 15th,">Jackie said

E:I really like the new painting! It fits in with the nudes (sylistically), even tho the woman is clothed. I think that's my new fave - maybe because it has a cat in it! It's not just the theme - it's the colors & composition. I also like the way the fireweed painting turned out. I wish I could come to see your paintings in real life! The closest I'm getting to Juneau this summer is Anchor-town, on my way to Kodiak. Too bad it's so expensive to fly to Alaska!

on Tuesday, June 15th,">Elise said

Thanks a lot Jackie, I wasn't sure about the new painting, if it was starting to look a little too much like a story book illustration...not that illustrations are bad or anything, I just want the paintings to look good as a body of work.

On these two posted here, I painted the entire things in thick white paint first, let them dry, and then painted thin coats of transparent paint over the top. I like the effect and think I'll continue to paint like that in the future.

Anyway, have fun in Anchorage Jackie. I was going to go there this weekend, my dad and sisters are going there on Thursday to see my sister Jenny's house...but I've decided to stay here this weekend and get some more painting done. It's hard to work with the whole clan here.

I have been to Kodiak and it is so gorgeous. How long will you be there?

on Tuesday, June 15th, Howard said

I think it looks great as is. I don't think there is anything I'd change, but that's just me.

on Tuesday, June 15th,">Elise said

Oh whew. I'm running out of time so I'm to the point where I'm not going to muck about with a painting if it looks ok. I mean, I still have 5 paintings that have very specific things I need to fix, but other than that I'm going to just leave them alone in case I have another one of those nights like the night I destroyed three paintings in about 15 minutes. If that happened, ohhh, I'd be so screwed.

on Wednesday, June 16th,">Jackie said

E: I will be in Kodiak for 11 days, in late August. I'm going up for my nephew's wedding. My parents both still live there, as do 2 siblings, and my son. I remember when Anchorage used to feel like such a big city...coming from Kodiak! YOu couldn't pry me away from shopping every minute I could get there. Now I work in Seattle, and live in the 'suburbs' south of Seattle. And I HATE to go shopping! (my partner & I joke that it's the Washingtonian's national It is beautiful here, and there are great things about living 'stateside', but I do miss Alaska alot. Until I go home and see how awful the roads are, everything is just a mud-pit or dust-bowl, and the only stores left in Kodiak now are Safeway and WalMart. yuck!