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06/15/2004: "Invitations at last!"

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I said I was going to be way ahead of the game this time and give myself plenty of time to order invitations so that I'd be able to use that company that Jackie reccommended that I got a sample kit from that did excellent work...but then I found myself out of time and forced to use our local copy shop again. They've done an awful time every time that I've used them but what else can I do? I sent in the job on Monday and they had proofs for me to look at today. Even though I had written out *very* detailed instructions, they hadn't used card stock, they did color printing on *both* sides, and the color didn't look very rich or deep. The printing didn't look like it was very high resolution. I was in a hurry though and not in a mood to argue with the guy, so I corrected the paper and the fact I only wanted color on one side (oh yah, they were going to give me 200 sheets of copies, as opposed to 200 total postcards also)...but I signed off on the less than stellar looking color copies on the front because I just want to get it over with and I think it's all the better they can do.

If anyone wants me to mail them an invitation just send me your address. If you've already sent me your address then you're already on my mailing list so you don't have to send it to me again.

When do you all normally send out your invitations? I usually send them out two weeks ahead of time but I was thinking of cutting it closer this time, to just a week and a half ahead of time. What do you think?

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on Wednesday, June 16th,">Jackie said

E: 2 weeks to 10 days, to give people a chance to set their calendars for the opening!

Sorry things didn't work out the way you hoped. Maybe the finished cards will look better than the proofs...(there's always hope). Did you get your computer fixed yet?

on Wednesday, June 16th,">Elise said

Thanks for the info Jackie, and no, the computer is still down. Very depressing.

I'm going to pick up the invites after I take my sisters sailing. I'm a little nervous because none of them know how to sail so I'm just hoping I don't go in the water or none of them will be able to come back for me.

wish me luck!