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06/25/2004: "Sold my first painting from this new series..."

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Well, I won't dance naked in the street until it's official but I think I just sold my first painting from this "Rain Country" series...the one titled "Lupine Slumber". At the moment we're still ironing out the shipping details but so far so good. This take off about 85 percent of the anxiety I was feeling about the opening. I'll already have one painting sold so I won't have to worry about it turning into a total disaster.

The other good news is that a friend of mine really likes the Blue Nude Eagle Beach painting so I worked out a deal with her. I did a new design in PhotoShop today of a painting similar in colors and style with that painting and she came and made some suggestions and we ended up with an image she really loves. I'm going to do that painting at the Quick Draw tomorrow and she's going to bid on it. That way at least there will be one bid for it, but she's willing to go up to a certain respectable amount for it. And since it's an oil painting and I only have an hour, I told her that she shouldn't worry if it doesn't look perfect, as I've promised to finish it to her satisfaction if she ends up with the winning bid.

If someone else wins the bid, all the better, as this is for charity and she can still buy the Blue Nude Eagle Beach painting at the opening. The only problem is that she wanted it a little bigger, I only had two sizes of canvas that had matching frames. 12x16 or 18x24. 18x24 is pretty damn big to do in an hour but that's the size she prefers so I'm going to go for it. I practiced drawing it out to scale tonight on sheets of cardboard 18x24. I can do a nice drawing of it in under 5 minutes so the rest will be filling in the blanks. The only problem is a rather complicated pose for two hands...that is a potential problem but I'm just going to keep them very stylized, no detail and if later she wants more detail I can add it in. Anyway, this isn't insider trading because she really wants the painting and anyone else out there has an equal chance of bidding on it. I hope it goes for at least a hundred bucks since it's for charity and the canvas and frame alone comes to close to 50 bucks!

OK, better go get some din din. Wish me luck tomorrow!

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on Friday, June 25th, Howard said

Congrats on selling some work!

on Friday, June 25th,">Elise said

Thanks Howard, I'm sure you're going to sell those two pieces your working on for the show next month too...they're really fantastic.

It's funny how emotional the whole art creation experience is. One minute I can feel so insecure and terrified and the next...well, outstanding! I know it shouldn't be dependant on external validation, and often it isn't...but lets face it, a little external validation goes a loooong way.