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07/02/2004: "Hanging an art exhibit"

Well, today at long last, is the day. Am I nervous? Oh yes indeedily doodily.

Yesterday went really well. My friend Jennifer helped me cart my paintings down to the Friendly Planet. The gallery is upstairs, the walls are actually painted an ochre color which really threw me at first, but after hanging a few pieces I realized that it actually was a nice complimentary background for my pieces.

All the pieces range in sizes from 12x16 to 24x30 so there was a nice variety. Jen and I moved the paintings around and around until we got them in a nice arrangement that seemed to flow. I'm 5' which is about the height you want to use as the *center* of your piece of work. I'd stand against the wall and make a mark above my head. Jen would hold the painting so the middle lined up with my mark, then I would pound in the nail at the top, allowing room for the frame. It took a long time to get them all straight, as well as hanging all the title cards and the little plaques that have little stories about each painting. The space looked really good when we were finished.

Stacy (a local poster to this blog) and her boyfriend Jeremey and friend Joy stopped by to say hi. Stacy had the keys to the Empire gallery where some of her work will be hanging for another month. Also, I needed to pick up a drawing I donated to a charity auction that never ended up selling. I was really impressed with Stacy's work. She did some reproductions that were technically very advanced, as well as some beautiful little drawings that were rendered so delicately, I really loved it. (seriously Stacy, they looked amazing).

After Jen and I finished hanging my paintings we went out for a beer to celebrate. Then I headed out to Costco to get some food for the opening. I didn't have a lot of money so I ended up having to put some stuff back but I did get some big beautiful red grapes, fancy olives, feta cheese, fresh crusty Poulougies bread, crackers, cheese, Italian dry salami, and some peperage farm cookies. I also got some tortilla chips and salsa as a filler in case the other things run out.

The Friendly Planet is supplying the drinks (wine, coffee and punch) so all I have to do today is chop up some cheese and salami and I'm good to go.

Jennifer wanted me to go and buy a new outfit for the opening but I have no money left. I was thinking I could maybe pick up something new at the used clothing store but I'm not really in the mood. I hate dressing up and I hate shopping for clothes. I suppose I'll have to pick out something to wear though. I'm still waffeling on whether to use some face paint for putting little fiddleheads or forget-me-nots on my cheek.

My friend Thomas called today to congratulate me on the cover story in the paper. He is also an artist and a lot more impressed and exicted about it than even I was. That made me feel good. So, I guess I'll get some bowls etc. to display the food in, do some choppin and slicing, a load or two of laundry, then sit on the couch, watch movies and eat some cheesy poofs.

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on Friday, July 2nd, holly said

After all that work, I hope you have a raging success! Your excitement about the opening is so palpable in this entry...

Good luck!

on Saturday, July 3rd,">Elise said

Hi Holly, I was excited, and as you can see from my latest entry, the opening was a raging success by all accounts. I'm exceedingly happy today! thanks for all the well wishes...