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07/06/2004: "Caught a baaaaaad bug (not in my ear, but still gross...)"

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Thanks for all the emails and posts of well wishes regarding the show. It was great, unfortunately I caught something very nasty on the 4th of July and have been laid up ever since. Was in too much pain to even turn on the computer yesterday (if that tells you anything) today I'm still pretty weak and having terrible tummy pains. Just had to turn on the computer to see who Kerry picked for running mate. Going to go back to bed now. I'm hoping to be back up to full speed by tomorrow.

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on Tuesday, July 6th, Dio said

Haha *winces* at memory...

Did you read the rest of the bug posts other than the one I linked too? You can find them here: from the actual incident to the final relief of knowing my head wasn't an insect burrow... :crazy:

on Tuesday, July 6th, Dio said

Ooops, just read that back - I'm hahaing at the title, not your illness... Get well soon :blush:

on Tuesday, July 6th, holly said

Ugh- summer bugs are the worst. I hope you feel better!

(Dio, you wil *never* live it down! ;) )

on Wednesday, July 7th,">Elise said

Yes, I agree Holly, Dio has indeed reached urban legend status.

I read the whole account from start to finish and have decided to wear ear muffs in the garden from here on out.

Have you seen Star Trek II (wrath of Con)?Watching that used to make my ears hurt. You need to have that insect identified and then have it bronzed and turned into a pendant for Mrs. Dio.