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07/07/2004: "After the ball / too much information?"

So, I'm back to work today and feeling the age old post-show anti-climax. I think getting sick right after the opening delayed the reaction longer than normal. Now that Iím over my bug (Dio: ear bug story = nightmares!) I feel the let down more acutely.

I need to start working on the new series right away; there are a dangerous number of blank canvases staring me down at present. Iím just trying to decide (yet again) if I should start this new series on canvas or panel. I noticed that the canvas bumps didnít look great on a few of the figures once I glazed them. Only with a spot light, ya know what I mean? I like how smooth the wood surface is, Iím just not sure Iím up to all the work of preparing them.

On another note, I put the link to my website on promotional literature (invites, business cards, etc.) because it has links to my art work and contact info for commissions. What I wasnít thinking is that university administrators, faculty, co-works (possibly boss) and others ďin my own backyardĒ so to speak, have actually visited my website and have read much of what I have written here.

I guess I always think of my ďaudienceĒ as being like minded, somewhat eccentric artsy folks out there (far far away), as well as a few local artists who Iím friends with, and thatís it. Now Iíve gotten emails from colleagues asking me about ďfantasexualityĒ and why I donít shave my legs and etc. Oh god, the horror!

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on Wednesday, July 7th, holly said

But it's so nice to read about those little quirks that make us human and individual! My favorite blogs are the ones in which the writers let themselves out of the shell a bit. You are who you are, and there's definitely nothing horrible about it. It takes guts to spill it out on the web when your name is attached (especially once you realize people are reading). Maybe you'll inspire some of your colleagues to start blogging!

on Wednesday, July 7th,">Elise said

Yes, I suppose you're right. I've always told myself that I'd stop blogging/journaling if I ever started to self-censor, still, it is easier to say things under the cloak of anonymity.

on Thursday, July 8th, holly said

Don't I know it! I'll let you in on a secret: my online identity, "Holly", is just a ruse. I'm really a 19-year old guy!

(And a terrible liar)