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07/08/2004: "Technical question about selling art to anonymous buyers."

Has anyone had a situation where someone purchased one of your works but then asked to stay anonymous? I generally keep a record of who owns which painting as well as their address in case I need to contact them in order to photograph the piece or for any other reason. I like to know where my babies are, as I lost track of so so so many of them while I was a student.

Places where I have sold in the past have collected that information for me and included it with my check; when I'm shipping to someone directly, I obviously need their name and address so that has never been an issue. I'm not really sure how to handle this situation because they've already paid for the painting (at the gallery) but they haven't picked it up yet and can't until after the show ends.

I've sporadically used home made contracts stipulating terms of sale and what rights to the image I retain as the artist, but I don't have anything from a lawyer and I don't have any at the gallery presently. Any suggestions?

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on Thursday, July 8th, Howard said

That sounds rather odd. The first question that jumps into my head is Why?

on Thursday, July 8th,">Elise said

Yes, that was my first thought too. When the painting sold, I asked the clerk who had purchased it, and she said they wanted to keep it a secret. I didn't have time just then to discuss it with her so I'm not sure what their reasons are. It has made me more than a little curious.