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07/10/2004: "Flying high!"

I got an email yesterday from a woman I know who purchased one of my paintings at my last opening. She was out of town for this opening and had gone to see the show but was disappointed that her favorite pieces had already sold. She had read my page on Commissioning a Painting and wanted to know if she could meet me to discuss possibly having me do a painting similar (but not identical of course) to one of the paintings from the show that she had really liked.

So I met her down at the gallery this afternoon and we had a really nice talk about art in general (and my work in particular) plus I got to read my guestbook for the show, which had some great comments in it. She showed me the piece she liked (Blue Nude Eagle Beach) and I discussed her options and let her know that I was working on another commissioned piece similar to that one already but that I could probably make another one different enough that I wouldn't have to start feeling dirty about it.

Next we went out for coffee and to see another artist she purchased a piece from, who had some paintings up downtown as well. After coffee it was back to her (adorable I must add) loft apartment that was just a few blocks from the gallery. She showed me the available wall space in her flat and asked me my opinion on several different ideas she had. She was also interested in buying Forget-Me-Not for the front entryway. I think it would have looked excellent there but I'm always worried that I'll come across just like I'm trying to make a sale, when really I'd love to make a sale but feel even more intently that a person should only buy a piece if it's right for them.

We then walked back to the gallery to discuss the forget-me-not piece againa as she was trying to decide if she should buy it right then or to sleep on it. Then she became really interested in the Sandy Beach painting (titled Relics 1917 for the show) and was debating between the two. I'm biased because I really love both those paintings so I wasn't much help. As I was leaving she said that she might possibly buy them both!

Also, another painting has sold to someone else (not sure who) but that was cool to see. It was the "Unfolding" piece of the woman with skunk cabbages. I am happy to say that even if the woman I was with today didn't buy either of those pieces, I've still sold half the show! Also, regardless if she buys a piece, it was nice getting caught up with her. Many years ago when I first moved to Juneau we used to hang out a little but sort of lost touch with eachother. She's a very interesting woman and has a lot of knowledge and insight when it comes to art, so it was a great conversation just in terms of talking to someone who has taken a lot of art history and has a good eye (of course, I'm biased again because she loves my work but...)

It certainly was a fantastic way to spend the afternoon and has lifted my spirits considerably, even giving me some creative inspiration.

I was invited to a pre-Farenheight 911 viewing party by a friend tonight. They're all going to dress up like Michael Moore before and party a little before they head off to the theater. I thought that sounded like good fun, but my afternoon of talking and viewing art has made it impossible for me to venture out when my brain is literally oozing with creative juices. MUST CREATE NOW!

Also, I got a phone call from my photographer friend Jeff Jemison this afternoon. He's a very talented photographer with many similar aspirations as my own. Talking with him always gets me jazzed up to work harder on the business end of things. Plus, he's a hilarious guy, always makes me laugh and puts me in a good mood. His cell phone cut out mid-sentance but I'm sure I'll hear from him again sometime. He just got back from helping with a culture camp in the villiage of Angoon, similar to what I did last summer in Kake. I hope he took lots of photos!

OK, off to do my thing..

Oh yah, I saw a news story on NBC tonight about the crack-down on London pubs because of excessive drinking and drinking related incidents and I've decided that even though I made that whole "no romantic entanglements" committment, I simply *must* date a guy with a British accent at some point before I die. (hopefully not a booze hound).


Just got another email from the woman I spent the afternoon with. She said she spent another hour at the gallery but finally decided on Forget-me-nots. I'm not sure if that means that she bought it or she's just decided that's the one she's interested in but, cool either way. Also, she's still interested in the piece we spoke of for the commissioned work (which is not based on Blue Nude Eagle Beach afterall, but an idea that she had which was actually quite good, that's what I'll be working on tonight)