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07/12/2004: "A few from Sandy Beach / fireweed out by the wetlands..."

As I was saying yesterday, I went out and took almost 400 photos yesterday, primarily of the ruins at the Treadwell Mine area. (I know I said over 300 but after counting them up they were closer to 400).

I'm working on putting together a gallery of those, which are very cool, just thought I'd include a few of the photos I took yesterday not related to the Treadwell series.

dog-pier (45k image)
Sandy Beach on Douglas Island, created from sand left over after the gold mining process.

vollyball (41k image)
Took this shot looking over part of Sandy Beach, it's not an impressive photo, just wanted to show that we have normal summers here in Alaska.

knot-weed (60k image)
Knot weed from my hike in Treadwell. This looks much better full-sized. I'm going to make wallpaper from some of these in the next couple of days.

truck (44k image)
I saw this cool looking truck full of bouys and crab pots on my walk home from my Treadwell hike.

fireweed-landscape-cropped500 (36k image)
A typical landscape seen from the glacier hwy. on my way back from work at the University.

bumblebee-close-500 (54k image)
There are fields and fields of fireweed this time of year. I was out shooting photos in them when I realized I was surrounded by bumblebees...I was able to get a few close-up shots.

As I was saying, all of these are much more impressive full-screen...just didn't want to overload dial-up connections.

More to come...

Replies: 6 Comments

on Monday, July 12th, Dio said

Sandy Beach looks incredibly photogenic - it puts my little west Wales struts to shame! Seriously though - you live in a beautiful place - the scenery is amazing.

on Monday, July 12th,">Elise said

Sandy Beach is amazing really but don't sell west Wales short; I find myself ooing and ahhing at your scenery all the time, I guess when you live somewhere you can take it more for granted...

For example, I think the photos I've taken of the goldmining area are fantastic because here in the US, we don't have many ruins so anything old, fallen down and overgrown with moss creates excitement, whereas, you get to go and see that kind of thing all the time where you live...(plus, ours are less than 100 years old, not very impressive as far as ruins go).

on Monday, July 12th,">Elise said

Here is a photo of the Sandy Beach area on Douglas from back in the Mining hey day. Here is another and here's one more.

Here is a photo of some miners

A fire destroyed most of douglas in 1926. Douglas has burned to the ground three seperate times that I'm aware of: 1911, 1926, and 1937.

on Monday, July 12th,">Stacy said

Hi Elise, great photos. I, on the other hand, hate carrying a camera, so I never take pictures but always wish I would! Have you noticed that Juneau has been really hazy this past week? Think it's because of forrest fires elsewhere or cruise ships?

Also, did you read the letter in the newspaper titled "That was no American" in the letters section (July 8th)? You should check it out:

Several follow up replies on the 11th and 12th...

on Monday, July 12th,">Elise said

Yes, it is hazy from forest fires in Canada. You can tell from some of the photos how hazy it is, it almost looks overcast, even though it really wasn't.

As for that letter to the editor, what an idiot! Of course, I respect her right to her views even if it does make her look ignorant.

on Monday, July 12th,">Elise said

By the way, in response to something you wrote awhile back Stacy, it does seem that Heritage Coffee has taken over Juneau. I was down at their Franklin Street newly remodled cafe on Sat. and noticed that they do have a gallery going on there with real track lighting and etc.

I did notice that it was mostly that one guy's (Rick?) stuff (that looks like klimt and chagall) and from what I've heard, it's been there for months now, so maybe it's not a rotating exhibit space. That would be sweet if they opened it up for that though.