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07/13/2004: "All the tempting pleasures...DENIED"

No, not sex you potty brain... I mean pizza, bagels, potato chips, rice, french fries, and on and on...

Yes, I'm off the carbs again. I was doing so well when I quit eating them, so well that I was convinced I didn't need my bi-polar meds anymore which caused me to slip into a major downward spiral that I'm just starting to crawl back up from.

So, as of a couple days ago, I've quit the carbs again, and this time I will stay on my medications no matter what. Also, my gym membership starts beginning of next month and until then I'm doing a lot of hiking, biking, and yoga to keep fit.

I will miss my couch potato ways, but if I don't start now I won't fit into my ski pants come winter...and that would be tragic! Wish me luck...

Oh yah, my fitness buddy and I are planning a trip to San Francisco (my favorite city in the states) in November to go shopping for some new threads for our (by then) sleek new bods...there are no clothing stores in Juneau, *really*.

When I go to SF, I would love to hook up with some Bay Area artists and check out their studios and also visit some new galleries. If anyone from that area reads this and would like to meet or make some suggestions on places to visit or artists to check out, please let me know. My favorite place to visit used to be the gallery at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts but according to a recent entry by SF artist Anna Conti, July 3, their funding has been cut as well as lay offs etc. and the number of exhibits there has been dwindling. Also can't wait to check out the SFMOMA.

I swear, I start to salivate everytime I read Anna's art journal; all the exhibits she gets to check out, it's absolutely amazing!

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on Tuesday, July 13th,">Stacy said

Elise, I got some great compliments from the lady at Art Matters on your show at The Loft. She particularly liked the Fire and Ice piece. Just thought I'd pass the information on!

on Tuesday, July 13th,">Elise said

Hi Stacy, thanks for that...where is that anyway? There was a comment left in my guestbook from someone at Art Matters (I'm assuming her?) about wanting me to contact her when/if I get prints made of my work.

on Tuesday, July 13th,">Stacy said

Art Matters is part of Persevearance Glass by Urgent Care, and there's two ladies that do the framing and matting. Tanna is the owner of Art Matters (I think) and the other lady (can't remember her name!?!) works with her who goes to the First Fridays. She is more than likely the one that left the comment. Have you thought of getting prints done?

on Tuesday, July 13th,">Elise said

Oh, I don't think I've ever been in the store before but I know where you're talking about, on Old Dairy Road right?

Anyway, I've decided to at least get scans done of 4 or 5 of my favorites. I need to decide which ones for sure, but I'm going to see if I can hire David Riccio to do it.

It would be nice to have very high res versions of the images in case I decide to make prints.

I think I'd make them of Fire and Ice and Lupine Slumber first, as the most people inquired about prints of those two.

Ideally I should have had them available for the duration of the show. Oh well, live and learn right?

on Tuesday, July 13th,">Stacy said

You'll definitely have to tell me how it goes if you can get David Riccio to do the printing. He does the Atelier Alaska copying, right? I have been meaning to check it out for awhile now, not that I have anything to print... yet. Having prints at your opening would probably have been a great thing.

on Tuesday, July 13th,">Elise said

I spoke with him tonight and he does scanning, color corrections, and giclee printing on archival paper using archival inks.

I'm going to get the scanning done even though it's really expensive. I'm not sure about getting giclee prints done, they would be expensive to try and sell because of the higher quality.

I may make a post about it tomorrow to see what experience other people have had with making reproductions of their work.