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07/27/2004: "What a difference a day makes."

Yesterday I felt so positive, had almost too much energy and went and signed up for a year membership at the Alaska Club (gym). Then last night for no apparent reason, I started to feel really drained and...sad, I guess. I couldn't get to sleep, then when I did I had horrible nightmares. This morning there are leaves in my front yard, it's getting cold and it almost feels like fall weather.

*I'm not ready*

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on Tuesday, July 27th, Joan said

First of word: hormones. Second of all, I've found it a good practice to be thankful in everything. There are natural ups and downs in life and they will continue as long as we do. I hope you can take it as it comes because "it" happens and there is not much we can do about it but try to keep a happy medium. Good luck and happy day.

on Tuesday, July 27th,">Elise said