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07/27/2004: "What a difference some exercise makes!"

music: Gypsy Kings
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Just got back from a fun step aerobics class with my friend Beatrice. I used to take these classes around a year ago but I was afraid I'd be really out of practice and be falling all over the place...however, except for an unnaturally rosey complextion, I'm proud to say I kept up respectably and I'll be back on Thursday for more. I'm considering trying out some of the Kickboxing and yoga classes as well. It was nice feeling my muscles ache, I almost forgot about those little guys and how good exercise makes me feel. Having this facility to go to will make it easier for me to deal with the impending cold/darkness/incessant rain.

Now all I need is to find a partner for racquetball and tennis. I have two fake front teeth because I used to play intermural racquetball in college and a guy slammed me in the mouth during a game of cut-throat. The dentist had to scrape blue enamel out of my teeth that was from the guys racquet. What made it worse was that I had these terrible dreams growing up where I'd wake up in the middle of the night, look in the mirror, and my teeth would be all loose and bleeding and falling out so the accident was particularly truamatic. My two front teeth both died from the blow and had to be filed down to nubbins so I could get caps. They didn't both die at the same time though, and I had two different dentists do the work so now I have one yellowish colored front tooth and one greyish colored front tooth. They're lovely, really!

hhmmm, I'm having major tummy growlings. Would it be counter productive to order a pizza now and drink a beer?

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on Tuesday, July 27th, Howard said

I had nightmares about my teeth as a kid too.
In my dreams I wouldn't be able to open my mouth and when I tried to force my mouth open all my teeth would shatter...shudder.
Good to hear your mood is up again.

on Tuesday, July 27th,">Elise said

I just looked up in good teeth falling out in dream analysis and came up with this site:

I like this interpretation:

"When you think of teeth, it is a part of you that is exposed, that is seen by the public, just like your public image. This picture of teeth falling out brings certain feelings up. Teeth falling out could give a feeling of insecurity, or vulnerability or weakness. Perhaps you feel that you have been seen as vulnerable by others."