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07/30/2004: "Convert digital photos to slides - YEAH!"

I don't have money to have this done right now but it sure will come in handy in the future.

Digital photos to slides. See their FAQ to see the specs.

I'm going to order one slide as an experiment to see if they do a good job or not and I'll let you guys know. If anyone else has had this done before (to your satisfaction) please let me know about it. I was going to have a local photographer do them. He was offering them for a reasonable rate, it's just I don't have the money to have them done right now and after this week, I won't have the original paintings anymore.

When are galleries going to get their shit together and quit asking artists for slides when CDs are so much easier and cheaper?

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on Saturday, July 31st, Howard said

I've been trying to find info on this for a while now and been too lazy to pick up the phone and check around. Thanks for posting.

on Saturday, July 31st,">Elise said

Yah, me too. It wasn't that easy to find either, there are a ton of them out there to convert traditional slides to digital, but not a lot going the opposite way. I hope it works!

on Saturday, July 31st, holly said

Galleries need to get with the program! Art historians are making the switch to digital presentations en masse (and what other demographic has made more use of slide projectors?) and just last fall Kodak announced it will no longer produce slide projectors. 35mm slides and and their projectors are about to go the way of the old magic lantern and glass plate slides.

What a pain to transfer from digital to 35mm! Sheesh!~