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07/31/2004: "Idea for a song / music video"

Last nightI had a dream that I had written a great song called "Things are going to change" and it was this upbeat music with a video that had images flashing of things like scientists doing stem cell research, a gay couple openly walking hand in hand, A library checkout line with a big sign reading "your records are private", inner city kids getting new school equipment, different kinds of alternative energy like solar and wind power as well as hybrid cars rolling off an assembly line, people recycling, soldiers coming home embracing their family members in airports, etc. The final image in the video was of President Bush holding a suitcase, waving as he leaves the white house. In my dream I looked like a cross between Pink and Avril Levine and there were all these young people screaming and cheering, happy, registering to vote (dreams are great eh?)

Now I just wish I could write music, sing, had a hot body, a record label and was 15 years younger.


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on Wednesday, August 4th,">Steve said

I like your idea! :cool: