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08/10/2004: "Is "Having a Life" a detriment for artists?"

The weather has been gorgeous lately, distractingly so. I went out sailing again last night and I'm going again tomorrow night and Friday...I've also been working in the yard. I have this cottonwood tree in the backyard that grows about 10 feet a year and if I don't prune it back every fall I lose my view of the channel so I was able to do that this weekend, plus I re-painted my mailbox, did some weeking in the yard, gave Rozinante a good scrub down (only the from the bow to the cockpit so not quite finished yet) plus I cleaned out my car, took out the recycling, etc. etc. I've also helped a couple friends move recently as well as help with their interior painting...Tonight I have my step aerobics class...

Anyway, all this activity has been great, I'm hardly ever home, which is the problem. I find that I'm most productive artistically speaking when I'm holed up at home in the studio. And that just hasn't been happening. I'm actually kindof hoping the weather turns crappy soon or else I'm going to get massively behind.

Also, the print shop still has the majority of my paintings including the one I sold to a woman in New York. The guy has been sick and promises he'll get it finished today or tomorrow but I'm still fretting over that. I told him if it's not finished at this point I don't care, I just want the painting back so I can get it in the mail. I haven't heard back from him yet but hopefully I will soon, it's a small operation so I can't be upset with him that he got ill, still....Next time I will do this *before* the show. I promise!

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on Tuesday, August 10th, tsdf said

cool work.

on Wednesday, August 11th,">Elise said