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08/21/2004: "I can hear the crickets chirping"

So, I haven't heard from anyone (except Anna) since I've started on the redesign. Should I take that as a bad sign? Seriously though, I'd like to hear your *honest* opinion of the new site. There are a few galleries and other pages that link back to files that have the black background and white font but most of them are now converted to the new look. I can easily change the color of the header, font, link colors etc. now. I thought (and others have agreed) that black font on white is easier to read than white on black. Anyway, I'm looking forward to a little feedback!

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on Sunday, August 22nd, RR said

I like it :-) Black font on white definitely easier to read.

on Sunday, August 22nd, Howard said

I think it's fine for the blog, but I've always liked looking at atwork on black. That's just me though.

on Sunday, August 22nd,">Elise said

Hi guys,
thanks for that. I have always liked looking at art against black too but I was just really getting tired of my old site's layout and the fact that the code was so ugly and noncompliant and felt like if I was going to go through all the effort I should try something new. I could always make the backgrounds in the gallery tables black. See how awful that looks with everything else.

on Sunday, August 22nd,">Elise said

OK, I just created a new style class called galleryback and I made it have a black background. i added it to all the galleries that I've transitioned to the new look. So far that's:

I think it looks better already (except I need to work out some spacing issue but the color at least)...what do you think? Better?

on Sunday, August 22nd, Anna L. Conti said

Looks good. Easy to read, easy to navigate.

on Sunday, August 22nd, Howard said

looks good, the colour in the paintings really pops out now.

on Sunday, August 22nd,">Elise said

Hey thanks for the suggestion Howard, I agree...

Now I think I'll go out and enjoy what's left of a gorgeous sunny Sunday.

on Sunday, August 22nd, Stacy said

Hi Elise, I thought the white text on black was fine for your blog. The green/blue/black is a little different and harder to follow. I prefer your old blog more.

on Monday, August 23rd,">Elise said

Hi Stacy,
thanks for your honest opinion...I think the white font on black doesn't cause problems on all monitors, but on some it causes ghosting which makes it hard to read...that's what Anna wrote me about earlier.

I'm still playing around with the color combinations, and using style sheets and server side includes so the entire look of the site can be changed by making just a few changes in a single file or two. Hopefully I'll be able to work out a compromise that's ok for everyone.