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08/25/2004: "The Low-tide Lady"

So, I actually have started a new painting. My goal for the weekend was to just put some paint on a Palette in order to get the ball rolling. I squeezed a little quincidone red onto the Palette and left it at that. But then I thought I could also just wash out one brush, so did that, and now with brush and paint I felt able to at least do the outline for one of the new low-tide paintings. I did the intial lines involved with how the water cuts through the sand, the little rivulets etc. and for the past couple of days I've been picking up the brush with rose colored paint, touching up a curve here and and there.

What I found to be quite amazing this morning, was when I was coming out of the kitchen bleary eyed with my first cup of coffee for the day, I looked at the canvase and realized that the totally abstract painting of a low tide that I was doing based on one of my aerial photographs, actually looked exactly like a very curvy woman standing with her back to the audience, sort of twisting around looking over her shoulder!

I am a figurative artist; it seems no matter what the subject matter I try to experiment with, I can't escape it.

Replies: 4 Comments

on Wednesday, August 25th, Howard said

Good to hear you're back at work!

on Wednesday, August 25th, Elise said

Well, I'm not exactly cranking stuff out but I am picking up the brush from time to time. We finally had the weather turn a bit rainy today after weeks and weeks of blue skies so maybe this will help keep me on track.

Thanks though!

on Wednesday, August 25th, holly said

I see organic curviness in your entire ouevre. Between that and your use of color, it's no wonder I like your stuff!

on Wednesday, August 25th, Elise said

Aw shucks Holly, thanks...

I find it facinating that the vast majority of people who buy and/or appreciate my paintings are women. I've had women come up to me and thank me for making them feel good about their shapeliness.