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08/27/2004: "An Exchange"

Obsessive Compulsive Co-worker (OCC) barging into office: "Thanks for leaving YOUR dishes for ME to wash!"

Sane Person (SP): "I didn't leave anything for you to wash, I only left one plate in the sink less than 30 minutes ago to soak so I could wash it more easily, I'll come in there and do it right now".

OCC: (while running in front of SP to beat her back to the break room sink) "NO, that's FINE, I'll do it".

SP: "Seriously, move away from the sink. I'll wash the damn plate".

OCC: (no response)

SP: (standing behind OCC who has positioned herself in front of the sink) "If you wash that plate you are going to ROYALLY piss me off!"

OCC: (no response, continues to furiously scrub offending plate)

SP: FINE! (spins on heels to exit break room)

OCC: (calling out from break room in friendlies voice imaginable) "Have a nice weekend!"

Replies: 2 Comments

on Saturday, August 28th, holly said

LOL! Subtext reads: "I'm going to climb up on my neurotic, passive/agressive cross now. Please come and watch!"

Move away from the sink and no one will get hurt...

on Saturday, August 28th, Elise said

Yes, that's it *exactly*.