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08/30/2004: "man I love to paint!"

Yesterday I spent the entire day working on a single painting and it was fantastic (the act not the actual painting). My favorite bit is putting down a couple thin layers of different straight pigments, and then mix in a little white paint with a brush. These new colors start to emerge and it's so exciting. Like taking a piece of ceramics out of the kiln or pulling a print from plate... a moment of discovery.

I'm glad I'm experimenting with a completely new series of really different paintings but I also think it has something to do with why I'm so hesitant to take steps to promote myself as an artist right now. The reaction to this last show was so positive that it's just given me more room to fall if this next show is a flop.

This morning, looking at my tide painting, I have very mixed feelings. It's either very good or total shit. It's hard for me to tell (I'm back on the Liquin again and still probably a little high)...

I guess I'm just going to have to work through this show and hope for the best.

(today is also the first day I've been able to spell "definitely" without using spell check...oh happy day!)