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09/17/2004: "Get My Shit Together Extravaganza"

Last night we did the "guess who's coming to dinner" thing where faculty take new freshmen out for dinner in small groups. My director had me and one of the English professors over for pizza with two new students, one of whom is also an artist. She sent me a link to her site at I think her work is really excellent and it's always fun to meet another artist.

Both students had gone through my "Freshman Orientation" presentation about academic research and so I instantly felt a little embarrassed because I was under a lot of stress that day and I kept rubbing my nose and then joked about being a junkie and some other stuff I'm blacking out on, which is probably a good thing.

Anyway, I like her website's layout as well. As some of you may have noticed...I've been playing around with style sheets and redesigning this site. I may go back to the drawing board. I don't see it as wasting time, but learning new web development skills.

I'm also gearing up for a sailing race after work. We're having bright blue skies and strong offshore breezes today, it should be ideal.

This weekend is my "Get My Shit Together Extravaganza". My life has felt so out of control lately. I'm going to map out a life know, look at what's working and not working for me and set goals to get back into a better place. I think it's important to do this kindof self-assessment every once in awhile. Especially as artist, and in my case, an artist with another full-time job. My "day" job has been sucking all my life-force and I haven't been spending any time doing what I love the most.

So, this weekend, I'm going to clean, organize, make lists, mark dates in calendars, tie up loose ends, plan a big party for sometime next month, maybe Halloween, look at my budget, do laundry, and absolutely no television...under any circumstances. If there's time, I may go and see the movie Garden State, which looks good.

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on Sunday, October 3rd,">Sammy B said

I love to clean, organize and make lists. It's very helpful when things seem to be out of control. Good luck with that.