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09/18/2004: "Ho Ho Halibut"

Today was another amazingly gorgeous day outside. Sunny with just a hint of chill in the air. I went for a nice little hike out near the old Treadwell Mine and on the way home a sort of grizzled looking man smiled and said hello, and I smiled back. He was carrying this huge garbage bag full of fresh halibut, like an Alaskan Santa. He was right off the boat and gave me a huge fillet the size of an unabridged dictionary (Mirriam Websters).

This fish was so fresh it was practically wriggling. I took it inside and sliced it into smaller fillets and marinated them in white wine and then baked it in a white sauce. It was fantastic and I have enough left over to last me all week. I just love it when things like this happens. It may seem small but it renews my faith in humanity.

huge-halibut (58k image)

This is a photo of a 300 lb halibut caught here in Juneau back in 1910, courtesy of the Alaska State Library's Historical Collection.

Replies: 2 Comments

on Tuesday, September 21st, Amelia said

Yea! You use ViLDA! I rock.

on Tuesday, September 21st, Elise said

Hi Amelia,
you're right, you do rock! I love this image database, I tell people about it all the time, and in most of the classes I teach. Kudos to you and James for all your hard work on getting it up and running and all the great subject headings etc.