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09/22/2004: "Group Shows"

As I mentioned before, I offered to organize a group show at KTOO to get out of having to do a solo in December, as one possible alternative. Jeff Brown (the guy in charge) left a message on my work phone yesterday saying he liked the group show idea and to give him a call. Urg. I have such a hard time making phone calls. Anyway, I'm thinking of some local artists I know who do work that I think would look good together. I'm not sure if Jeff wants me to find the other artists or what, but it might turn out to be as much work (in it's own way) as doing a solo.

I've never been a huge fan of group shows, but who knows, maybe this one will be different? And it will be nice to have a chance to show some of the new tidals paintings without all the risk and pressure of a solo. hmm, yes, this might be ok after all. I'm interested in other artist's experiences with group shows? Maybe I've only had bad experiences because I only did them when I was in school and everyone was immature and irresponsible and there were a lot of big egos involved. Maybe doing a group show as an adult will be different. Any thoughts?

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on Wednesday, September 22nd,">Jackie said

E: My experiences have included alot of group exhibits. If you are the one curating the show - contacting/inviting/hanging - it can be a headache. All artists have some ego - and there are bound to be hurt feelings from people who feel they should have been invited and weren't, or folks who insist on certain work being hung that doesn't fit the show, or wanting their work hung in a specific place...But I have participated in invitational group shows, where the invitor did all the work, and I was really happy with the outcome. I depends on how well you know/like the people (or their work) involved, and how clear you are about responsiblities at the outset. Plus, at the opening - all the spotlight isn't on you!

on Wednesday, September 22nd, Howard said

Yeah I've been in a number of group shows too. I happen to be in one coming up in October.
A curated show is the best because most of the work will fall into a certain theme.
I've been in shows which have been a free for all that haven't been very sucessful.
To many different types of art all competeing for attention.
I've always found group shows a reat way to network with other artist.

on Wednesday, September 22nd, Elise said

So, I guess my question then becomes, should I agree to curate the show?